There Are  Currently Three Different Themed Rooms at Escape Rooms Mesa!

We have several more rooms in the works! Check back often to see our progress.


The Captain’s Quarters:    Easy to Medium Difficulty with 4-6 Players (up to 6)
While looking for adventure, you and your friends find a docked ship to explore. While you are on board the ship leaves land, and you must make your way out of the Captains Quarters before the crew finds you and sends you walking the plank!


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party:   Medium Difficulty with 4-8 Players (up to 10) 
The Mad Hatter has tricked you in to the Red Queen’s Tea Room because he wanted to know her secrets to health and beauty for the last 200 years. Now you must escape her mysterious room in an hour or she will be off with your head!


The Legend of the Lost Dutchman:     Medium Difficulty with 4-8 Players (up to 10)
Your History Professor, Dr. Waltz, a descendant of  the Superstition Mountain Miner may have a critical piece of the map to the Lost Dutchman’s Gold. You have one hour to break into his office, follow the clues, and locate the map before he returns.

Coming Soon: Five Additional Rooms before 2017! 

We will be posting a Facebook survey for additional room themes in the near future, please check out our facebook page at:        and like our page to be involved.